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system verilog logic vs reg Depending on how the always block is coded, this may synthesize to a flip-flop, latch or block of combinational logic despite the name reg. unpacked; signals, in fact; Just like Java introduced simpler and safer mechanisms versus C++, TL-Verilog simplifies These are words that have special meaning in Verilog. The logic type was introduced in SystemVerilog It supersedes the reg type, which was a perennial source of confusion in Verilog should be used everywhere The Verilog Language! Originally a modeling language for a very efficient event-driven digital logic simulator! Later pushed into use as a specification language for logic synthesis! Now, one of the two most commonly-used languages in digital hardware design (VHDL is the other)! Virtually every chip (FPGA, ASIC, etc. verilog-auto-wire-type may be used to change the datatype of the declarations. All inout ports are wires, and only used for tri-state I/O at physical pins. This new name can be used to declare objects and to construct other data types from the four-state data type. verilog-auto-reg (function) Expand AUTOREG statements, as part of M-x verilog-auto. 25 August 27, 2009 1 Introduction Sections 1. It holds a value assigned to it until the next assignment. z - represents a high-impedance state. It takes 16 clock cycle to multiply two 16-bit signed numbers. So the next question is what is this logic data type and how it is different from our good old wire/reg. Values in this system are 0, 1, Z, and X. Hi All, As for the Tony Le. If an output is a reg, then it comes from some local logic, which indicates a small, special case is handled here. Example :- reg [2:0] out ; //where the out is used in the procedural block . The intention behind the creation of logic data type is to avoid confusion between wire and reg in Verilog. Nonblocking Assignments Verilog supports two types of assignments within alwaysblocks, with Conclusion – Verilog vs VHDL. Verilog reg is probably the most common variable data type. •SystemVerilog is a superset of another HDL: Verilog –Familiarity with Verilog (or even VHDL) helps a lot •Useful SystemVerilog resources and tutorials on the course project web page –Including a link to a good Verilog tutorial The original Verilog language only had 4-state values, where each bit of a vector could be a logic 0, 1, Z or X. wire; bit vs. logic is, if you will, the stem cell of data types Verilog: wire vs. When you make a combinational always block like. A SystemVerilog added a new data type called logic to them. Verilog Examples Aug 29, 2017 · Here we are sharing the verilog implementation of 16 bit radix 4 booth multiplier using sequential logic. SystemVerilog 5516. The original intent was soon lost in synthesis and verification coding styles, which soon gave way to using terns Nets and Variables in Verilog-2001. It holds the value , Until the a new value is assigned to it . Forum Access. Flip-flops are sensitive to the transitioning of clock Combinational constructs are not sufficient. • Only to “reg” • Value of lhs changes immediately • Non-blocking ( <= ) • Made inside a process • Only to “reg” • Value of lhs changes only after all rhs have been evaluated • A time-spec after the statement says to wait before changing the value • Continue executing process even if there is a time-spec logic: worst case delay reg out; always @ (a or b or sel) Blocking vs. 9. In Vivado, you’ll see a warning in the log WARNING: Data truncated while reading Datafile. Assign and deassign of reg data types is not supported for synthesis. The next difference between reg/wire and logic is that logic can be both driven by assign block, output of a port and inside a procedural block like this logic a; assign a = b ^ c; // wire style always (c or d) a = c + d; // reg style MyModule module (. Mar 22, 2014 · Verilog: Task & Function. If the port type is not defined, it is possible for different tools to infer different types in some cases, leading to inconsistent synthesis and Verilog moduledeclarations • Modules are basic building blocks. The width of a data value in the file mustn’t be wider than the data width of the array; otherwise, that value will be truncated. Compilation ¥Descriptions mapped to hardware ¥Verilog design patterns for best synthesis Spring 2007 Lec #8 -- HW Synthesis 2 Logic Synthesis ¥Verilog and VHDL started out as simulation languages, but soon programs were written to automatically convert Verilog code into low-level circuit descriptions (netlists). Jun 18, 2019 · Besides, Verilog has a single always block to implement combinational and sequential logic while SystemVerilog has always_comb, always_ff and always_latch procedural blocks. Notes – The reg variables are initialised to x at the start of the simulation. Stepper motor controller state diagram. 1. No. Any digital circuit can be built from these primitives. If a value is assigned to reg type of signal, value will retain until a new value is assigned. If this material is familiar, feel free to skip to Section 4. This is verilog 101. Whereas, the other procedural block can be edge sensitive to the positive edge of the clock or to the negative edge of the clock. Moore -vs- Mealy: Aug 06, 2021 · “Reg” in Verilog is a data type that holds its value and need to be driven from one procedural statement to next. Triggered by a ‘clock’ event. In addition to the regular case statements, verilog provides two variations casez and casex. In Spinal, there are no process/always blocks. Wire abc is same as wire logic abc in system verilog. 4 discuss the difference between wire and reg in Verilog, and when to use each of them. Assign and De assign. logic; packed vs. always Procedural block with the reg type assignment on LHS side. But assign on wire data type is supported. 0 2003 The Verilog-2001 logic system is based on a set of four state values: 0, 1, X, and Z. They store logic values only (no logic strength). wire, reg) EE141 Hardware description languages Oct 18, 2016 · No wire/reg distinction. SystemVerilog added the ability to represent 2-state values, where each bit of a vector can only be 0 or 1. They should not be used as identifiers. For example: bit [3][7] a; Jan 09, 2008 · Value Set. Verilog versus SystemVerilog. a)0 b)X c)Z d)None of the above 2. The clock does not have to be periodic, but there must be some strobe signal which indicates Combinatorial logic in Verilog Combinatorial logic vs Sequential logic Blocking assignments which happen sequentially are used for combinational logic Non- Blocking assignments which happen in parallel are used for sequential logic Assign keyword for blocking statements SEMINAR HPC : Deepjyoti Borah, Diwahar Jawahar 38 The Problem: A Wiring Mess Goal: We want to wire up the following structure - Its a made-up example, but similar to a multiplier array - Whoa! A lot of work (even for 4 bit by 4 bit) Verilog code for microcontroller (Part-2- Design) In this post, architecture design for the microcontroller is presented. We also need to provide the vpr--gen_post_synthesis_netlist option to generate the post-implementation netlist and dump the timing information in Standard Delay Format (SDF): Sep 08, 2021 · One of the procedural blocks can describe the combinational logic and level-sensitive to the inputs or the states. The logic type can replace the wire and reg types in most codes. Logic:-As we have seen, reg data type is bit mis-leading in Verilog. Something that we need to know about reg is that it can be used for modeling both combinational and sequential logic. logic data type was introduced to avoid confusion with reg data type. Verilog has built-in primitives like logic gates, transmission gates and switches. Any of the following yield an unsigned value: Any operation on two operands, unless both operands are signed. It may be used for designing both a combinational and a sequential logic - doesn't matter, the main thing is that reg is a storage object. They do differ in the built-in types available to the user. Some examples areassign, case, while, wire, reg, and, or, nand, and module. Language elements Verilog Constructs variables wire /reg control ow if/else/case Apr 16, 2020 · Comments are the same as regular Verilog files: // begins a comment. Clocks and resets are handled separately, see the Mar 14, 2016 · blocking vs. Verilog keywords also 0: logic 0, false 1: logic 1, true Z: High impedance Digital Hardware The domain of Verilog Either logic (gates) Or storage (registers & latches) Verilog has two relevant data types wire reg Synthesis: Data Types Register declarations reg a; \\ a scalar register reg [3:0] b; \\ a 4-bit vector register output g; \\ an output can be a reg reg g; Verilog is a hardware description language (HDL) used to describe and model electronic systems built using digital logic • Can be used to do some analog and mixed-signal designs • Originally developed only for description and simulation of circuits • Latter features were added to allow synthesis of the design into hardware Verilog standards: Verilog first introduced Verilog inspired by the C programming language VHDL standardized 1990-2000s: Verilog standardized (Verilog-1995 standard) Continued evolution (Verilog-2001 standard) ICARUS Verilog needs plenty of Verilog-2001 compliance - work in 6 ENGN3213: Digital Systems and Microprocessors L#5-6 scribe sequential logic where ip-ops are inferred, while always comb is for combinational logic. Only Verilog primitives are synthesizable, where as UDP’s are not. We can declasre the following statement: wire a_name = 1'b0. May 03, 2013 · SystemVerilog renamed reg to logic to avoid confusion with a register – it is just a data type (specifically reg is a 1-bit, 4-state data type). This is why SystemVerilog create the logic data type to replace the reg data type. Since logic gate is most popular component, Verilog has a predefined set of logic gates known as primitives. According to Ver-ilog's event-driven semantics, for the circuit in Figure 3, the always blocks are evaluated every clock cycle, and the com-putation is in nite over time. Regular continuous assignment means, the declaration of a net and its continuous assignments are done in two different statements. Sep 08, 2014 · 2. SystemVerilog's logic data type addition is to remove the above confusion. reg is a single bit register data type. No for reg, Yes for wire. • out1 is a wire, out2 is a reg • Method #1 is more verbose—all I/O signal names are repeated abc in1 in2 out1 out2 // Verbose traditional method, Verilog 1995 module abc (in1, in2, out1, out2); input in1; input Aug 16, 2020 · This includes modelling time in verilog, the initial block, verilog-initial-block and the verilog system tasks. reg 1 wire 5 logic 4. 2 to 1. Part-select results. non-blocking assignments; reg vs. I’m going to put the state diagram here for reference. " This is because when Verilog looks at this block, it will hold the value of c until a or b update. These are two example module definitions which you should use. In verilog, a register data type need not represent a real hardware register. It can be used in the variable group or net group, which is inferred automatically from context. On the other hand, bad coding style leads to a lot of issues when the code is reused, or when it is handed Verilog program for Basic Logic Gates Verilog program for Half Adder Verilog program for Full Adder Verilog program for 4bit Adder Verilog program for Half Substractor Verilog program for Full Substractor Verilog program for 4bit Substractor Verilog program for Carry Look Ahead Adder Verilog program for 3:8 Decoder Verilog program for 8:3 Encoder logic signals such as the inputs and outputs are Boolean variables (0 or 1). SystemVerilog added a new data type called logic to them. Task and Function are used to break up large procedures into smaller ones which helps to make life easier for developing and maintaining Verilog code. Separating a synchronous system to storage elements and some combinational circuits as shown in Figure 1 helps us to more easily find the HDL description of the system. 5 discuss the difference between wire and reg in Verilog, and when to use each of them. Nov 19, 2010 · Для того, чтобы понять различие между wire, reg и logic, сначала рассмотрим какие в SystemVerilog есть типы данных и какие классы объектов. There are several ways to represent them: Implicit Explicit State machines always have inputs, a state variable or set of variables (sometimes called a state vector), and a clock. Introduction. sc_logic is the template argument. Finally, we go through a complete verilog testbench example . just2verify. This is the main difference with a wire, which is actually is a wire that connects points. Logic As we have seen, reg data type is bit mis-leading in Verilog. You are here. Verilog Language Features Combinational vs. Courtesy of Arvind 3. If a net has no driver, it gets the value. Register (1/4) • Wire – Physical wire in the circuit – A wire does not store its value, it must be driven by • connecting the wire to the output of a gate or module • assigning a value to the wire in a continuous assignment – Can not use “wire” in left-hand -side of assignment in procedural block • Register What’s the Difference Between VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog? Sept. Testbench of logic designed using Verilog. But in a mux there is no necessity of the output to store the value. They may also have floating (z) and undefined values (x). Make reg statements for any output that isn't already declared, and isn't a wire output from a block. 12′d10), unless the explicit “s” modifier is used) Bit-select results. e. Jul 25, 2008 · verilog reg wire difference Hi pini_1 But nets can also store values as reg can. This can be confusing to novice Verilog coders, one reason why SystemVerilog introduced the logic data type. 0 Accellera Extensions to V2K 2002 SystemVerilog 3. SystemVerilog introduces the logic data type. For Xilinx FPGA designs, it is best not to use global reset lines, and use initial blocks for reset conditions for most logic. Before knowing what exactly packed and unpacked arrays are, lets also see how you can know which array is what, just by their declaration. You can combine the register declaration with initialization. Value Z is for float, and X is used for un-initialized, undefined, un-driven, unknown, and Jan 31, 2016 · A structural system representation is closer to the physical implementation than behavioral one but it is more involved because of large number of details. reg(a variable) if assigned from a procedural block (initial, always) wireif assigned from a continuous assignment wireif driven by an instance of a module or primitive output “logic” indicates the value set (4-state) to be simulated – SystemVerilog infers a variable or net based on context module chip (input logic in1, input logic in2, Mar 01, 2019 · The “Output Logic” block is again a combinational circuit that processes the “Inputs” and “state_reg” to determine the system outputs. reg Chris Fletcher UC Berkeley Version 0. NoteData type reg and logic are one and same. Any wire variable not connected to anything has the x value. SO. Dec 11, 2014 · REG :- This data type is used to represent the data storage element . SystemVerilog Introduction (6) Verilog History Gateway started to develop Verilog 1984 Cadence bought Gateway, and n started pushing Verilog 1990 Verilog-1995 First IEEE Verilog Standard 1995 Verilog-2001 (V2K) Enhancement – 2 d IEEE Verilog Standard 2001 SystemVerilog 3. Otherwise, it should be declared as a wire. 3 Logic Value System Verilog uses a 4-value logic value system. There are different types of net, namely [code ]wire[/code], [code ]wand[/code], [code ]wor[/code REG AND LOGIC Historically, Verilog used the terms wire and reg as a descriptive way to declare wires and registers. Jun 02, 2020 · SystemVerilog的logic类型 SystemVerilog在Verilog基础上新增支持logic数据类型,logic是reg类型的改进,它既可被过程赋值也能被连续赋值,编译器可自动推断logic是reg还是wire。唯一的限制是logic只允许一个输入,不能被多重驱动,所以inout类型端口不能定义为logic。不过这个 SystemVerilog introduced the logic data type to replace Verilog’s reg data type. By Ronak Bhatt, Verification Engineer, eInfochips. Logic data type simply assign the last assignment value. State machine types: i). Refer toCadence Verilog-XL Reference Manualfor a complete listing of Verilog keywords. 2. Home » Code Schnipsel » System Verilog. 17, 2014. Native finite state machine support Assign a synthesizable initial value to a reg in Verilog. Mar 25, 2021 · A logic is a new data type in SystemVerilog that can be used to model both wires and state information (reg). The only real difference between wire and reg declarations in Verilog is that a reg can be assigned to in a procedural block (a block beginning with always or initial), and a wire can be assigned in a continuous assignment (an assign statement) or as an output of an instantiated submodule. Latches are sensitive to level of the signal. The logic type was introduced in SystemVerilog It supersedes the reg type, which was a perennial source of confusion in Verilog should be used everywhere and reg elements in Verilog. x - unknown logic value - can be 0,1,z or transition. We encourage you to take an active role in the Forums by answering and commenting to any questions that you are able to. , in an always block). Variables can only have one continuous driver and It is 4 state (1, 0, X, Z) System Verilog data type. The difference is the way Verilog models these data types. Limitations: This ONLY detects outputs of AUTOINSTants (see verilog-read-sub-decls). SystemVerilog added the bit and logic keywords to the Verilog language to represent 2-state and 4-state value sets, respectively. The only difference between the two keywords as far as the tools that compile them are the letters used to spell them. A variable data type generally represents a piece of storage. Wire and variable types defaults to logic which is four state . x - represents an unknown logic value. Register data types are used as variables in procedural blocks. It also is a 4 state variable and hence can hold 0, 1, x and z values. Updated 4 years ago. Logic Type • Reg, Logic, and Bit • Nets versus Variables - Refresh • Wire supply0 and supply1 are tied to logic 0 and 1 respectively. Verilog, it seems, is strongly inclined towards unsigned numbers. logic is a 1-bit, 4-state data type. Here is the white paper from Ken Chapman (Xilinx FPGA guru) Sep 01, 2016 · 6,717. bit is a 1-bit, 2-state data type which may simulate faster than logic; If a logic is also declared as a wire, it has the additional capability of Aug 18, 2009 · Reg/Wire data type give X if multiple driver try to drive them with different value. always @ (a or b) begin c = a & b; end c above must be a "reg. The following diagram is the architecture of the microcontroller. Oct 30, 2012 · The golden rule is: All operands must be signed. The values 0 and 1 are logical complements of one another. 1 - represents a logic one, or a true condition. So care should be taken when declaring the data types that may be have to do arthimetic operation on it. But in implicit assignment, continuous assignment can be done on a net when it is declared itself. reg and wire are the main variable types Possible values for wire and reg variables: 0: logic 0, false 1: logic 1, true X: unknown logic value Z: High impedance state integer, time, and real are used in behavioral modeling, and in simulation (not synthesis) “logic” indicates the value set (4-state) to be simulated – SystemVerilog infers a variable or net based on context module chip (input logic in1, input logic in2, output logic out1, output logic out2); SystemVerilog makes it easy… Just declare everything as logic!!! module chip (input wire in1, input wire in2, output reg out1, output reg [7:0] r; Declaring a 32 element memory 8 bits wide: reg [7:0] mem [0:31] Bit extract example: r[5:2] returns the 4 bits between bit positions 2 to 5 inclusive. What is SystemVerilog? • Language Evolution • SystemVerilog Language Features • Caveats • The UVM Family Tree • Books and Resources. A number of them will be introduced in this manual. The other answers are all good. SystemVerilog also separated the signal kind (net or variable) from the data type. 2 Conventions Throughout this tutorial, similar terms are used to describe different concepts Wire vs. Register Data Types. In addition, its name does not imply a specific hardware component and thus is more Aug 08, 2021 · Answer: Logic Vs Reg: The difference between logic and reg is - I would say there is no difference. Due to this, use of reg is essentially deprecated in favor of logic, which is actually the same type. December 28, 2013 at 8:26 am. So wire here is storing the value logic zero. in (xyz)); // wire style reg vs wire vs logic @SystemVerilog. Value 1 is logical 1 and it represents a path to supply (Vdd). Almost all of the data types in the Feb 24, 2020 · 1. out (a),. • Why Verilog? High-level description of Verilog Verilog Syntax • Primitives • Number Representation • Modules and instances • Wire and Reg Variables • Operators Miscellaneous •Parameters, Pre-processor, case statements, Common errors, system tasks • Sequential logic • Test bench structure • Case study, Verilog tools and Demo Jun 16, 2021 · As you know from the last post, a state machine is made up of three components. , 25-year hardware/logic design engineer. Sep 04, 2018 · Reg is used for describing logic, integer for loop variables and calculations, real in system modules, and time and realtime for storing simulation times in test benches. System Verilog - Reference Apr 16, 2020 · Comments are the same as regular Verilog files: // begins a comment. A register type involves storage and consists of the following variants: reg unsigned variable of any bit size Default data type is wire: this means that if you declare a variable without specifying reg or wire, it will be a 1-bit wide wire. System Verilog Macro: A Powerful Feature for Design Verification Projects. When using verilog to design digital circuits, we normally also create a testbench to stimulate the code and ensure that it functions as expected. Verilog code for the microcontroller is posted in part 3. g. 1). SystemVerilog has given this primitive data type a name, logic. sc_signal <sc_logic>abc. SystemVerilog for Design and Verification (sessions 1-4) SystemVerilog Basics. The block is sensitive to the events Yes No assign Continuous assignment with wire data type for modeling the combinational logic Yes No primitives UDP’s are non-synthesizable whereas other Verilog primitives are synthesizable Yes No force and release These are used in test benches Answer (1 of 4): Net represents a physical connection between gates. Thus, this is also a difference between Verilog and SystemVerilog. Both task and function are called from always or initial block and Aug 06, 2021 · “Reg” in Verilog is a data type that holds its value and need to be driven from one procedural statement to next. reg(a variable) if assigned from a procedural block (initial, always) wireif assigned from a continuous assignment wireif driven by an instance of a module or primitive output “logic” indicates the value set (4-state) to be simulated – SystemVerilog infers a variable or net based on context module chip (input logic in1, input logic in2, The Verification Community is eager to answer your UVM, SystemVerilog and Coverage related questions. It appears from the posts above that very few Sep 04, 2018 · Reg is used for describing logic, integer for loop variables and calculations, real in system modules, and time and realtime for storing simulation times in test benches. Verilog Examples . For any design verification (DV) project, following best coding practices make life easier for the teammates. This template can be any of systemC data types. Now, coming to reg data type, reg can store value and drive strength. Sequential Circuits Sequential logic: Blocks that have memory elements: Flip-Flops, Latches, Finite State Machines. As strongly-typed languages, both Verilog and SystemC support signals as well as variables. 3. Just forget about it and use logic from now on. The Verilog HDL value set consists of four basic values: 0 - represents a logic zero, or a false condition. May 02, 2017 · Verilog wire is probably the most common net data type, although there are many other net data types such as tri, wand, supply0. 1 Extensions to 3. Designing a complex SoC would be impossible without these three specialized hardware description languages. 3. Assignment For example, assign, case, while, wire, reg, and, or, nand, and module. This reg is used when the variables are declared in the procedural blocks only (always and initial block). In the below example, `valid` is declared as wire during the assignment. Verilog-2001 adds the ability to initialize variables at the time they are Verilog Synthesis ¥Synthesis vs. A signal declared as a reg must be procedurally assigned (i. Primitives. The first component I’ll go through is the next state logic. Which logic level is not supported by verilog? Now we can run VPR to implement the circuit onto the k6_N10_40nm architecture. While Verilog is based on a hierarchy of modules, SystemVerilog is based on classes. The datapath is shown as black arrows, and control signals are red arrows. 3 to 4. Jul 10, 2021 · 6 thoughts on “ packed vs unpacked vectors in system verilog ” user November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am. Apr 17, 2020 · The Verilog reg is the object that can store a value and a drive strength. Although this four-state logic is fundamental to the language, it does not have a name. var logic i The Verilog Language Originally a modeling language for a very efficient event-driven digital logic simulator Later pushed into use as a specification language for logic synthesis Now, one of the two most commonly-used languages in digital hardware design (VHDL is the other) Virtually every chip (FPGA, ASIC, etc. reg, integer, logic-----Default value of wire: Signal depends on template argument . The next state logic, state register and output logic. 4. Registers are explicitly defined at declaration. logic is much more flexible than reg. 2008. e. logiccan be used instead of regor wireand its use (whether in always_combor always_ffblock) deter-mines whether it is a register or wire. In Verilog, the distinction is useless since using a reg can be used to model both combinatorial and sequential logic. This difference from traditional event-driven HDL has a big impact: You can assign registers and wires in the same scope, meaning the code doesn’t need to be split between process/always blocks. Based numbers (e. In this way, common procedures need to be written only once and can execute from different places. VHDL is a strongly typed language and is very verbose while Verilog is a weakly typed language and has all the predefined datatypes with it. Packed arrays have an object name comes before size declaration. However people get confused because of all the old material that refers to reg. Mar 23, 2014 · Regular & Implicit Assignment. 1 wire and reg Elements in Verilog Sections 4. Verilog Synthesis ¥Synthesis vs. The keyword reg remained in SystemVerilog, but was now misleading its intent. var i is same as. By default byte, shortint, int, integer and longint default to signed and bit, reg, logic, and wire defaults to unsigned. Verilog supports Wire and Reg data types while SystemVerilog supports various data types such as enum, struct, union, class and string. 3 posts. This is coded directly from the state diagram. Verilog subdivides its data types into two main categories: registers and nets. Jan 29, 2017 · reg is a verilog data type that can be synthesized into either sequential or combinational logic depending on how you code it. Value 0 is for logical 0 which in most cases represent a path to ground (Gnd). Before we try to understand casex and casez, we need to understand that there are 4 types of logic levels and in verilog 0 - logic zero 1 - logic one, z - high impedance state. Construction. In Verilog, if a signal appears on the left hand side of a nonblocking or blocking ( <= or = ) assignment inside of an always block, it must be declared as a reg. Gate Level Modelling. Migen does away with the distinction; though so does SystemVerilog, which has logic. ) is designed in part logic design –If not, you can read Appendix A of Hamacher et al. logic signals such as the inputs and outputs are Boolean variables (0 or 1). Again in a code of mux in Verilog in behavioral we declare the output as reg. ) is designed in Verilog execution semantics - Confusing - Best solution is to write synthesizable verilog that corresponds exactly to logic you have already designed on paper, as described by the “verilog breakdown” slide. In System Verilog, a variable declared with the logic data type cannot resolve multiple drivers. Verilog Introduction 3 Reading: Harris & Harris, read as Verilog 2001, except with changed data types (logic vs. The Verilog LRM defines the following register types: A register data type must be used when the signal is on the left-hand side of a procedural assignment. Verilog is the HDL that is completely emerging and evolving in which new features are getting added continuously. Verilog keywords also include compiler directives, and system tasks and functions. Сразу скажу, что это не одно и тоже. system verilog logic vs reg

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